Arne Jacobsen (1902–1971)


Arne Jacobsen (1902–1971) was the master of renaissance style of Danish architecture and design. He worked with enthusiasm and vigour and completed many wonderful designs and not just focused on furniture. 


Jacobsen started at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1924 and graduated in 1927. It was not long after, in 1929, that he won recognition for “The House of the Future” project - a vision  which included a helipad on the rooftop.


Jacobsen was very productive during his career. He designed many single-family houses, summerhouses, larger apartment buildings such as the Bellavista complex and several public buildings, such as Søllerød and Århus Town Halls and the Munkegaard School. He earned international fame in 1964, with the opening of St. Catherine’s College at Oxford University. 


Most people agree that Jacobsen’s finest piece of work is the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen which was completed in 1960. His amazing talent was demonstrated in  the elegant curtain-wall structure, the furniture, the lamps, the textiles, the door handles and even the cutlery in the restaurant!  It was here that some of his best furniture was first introduced. This included the sculptural shapes of “The Egg” and “The Swan”, which are now widely recognised as modern furniture icons.


Products by this designer:

Arne Jacabsen Style Egg Chair


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