Finn Juhl (1912–1989)


Finn Juhl was the first Danish furniture designer to be recognized internationally. He studied architecture at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen.


Juhl began designing furniture in the late 1930’s.  At the start, they were mostly pieces intended for himself, but after setting up his own office in 1945, he soon became known for his unusual, expressive and sculptural pieces.

He initiated a collaboration with Niels Vodder who was a master cabinetmaker and his designs were clearly influenced by modern, abstract art. Compared to his contemporaries, Juhl placed more emphasis on form and less on function, a serious break with the tradition of the Klint School.


Products inspired by Finn Juhl:

Finn Juhl Pelican Style Lounge Chair

Finn Juhl Style No 45 Easy Chair

Finn Juhl Style Poeten Sofa

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