TR60021 Nuvola Rossa Style Bookshelf



This bookcase is designed with its simple, clean-cut lines was the outcome of a detailed analysis of the classic model featuring side supports and shelves. This piece is iconic, yet also a veritable invention in terms of construction: the diagonal bracing struts become the support structure, and house the shelves, eliminating the need for side supports.
Putting the focus on the hinges and the six shelves, the structure, which can be folded away, can also be used as a room-divider. Its elegant and primary aesthetic, timeless and easy to read, has made the Nuvola Rossa style an undisputed design icon since 1977. It has been imitated several times as an example of simplified function achieved via an interplay of shapes. 

Dimensions: W110 D35 H200cm 
Materials: Solid wood


Pre-Order: 8 weeks

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