TR80033 Lindsey Branching Bubbles style series


The Lindsey Branching Bubbles Style pendant lamp is inspired by natural phenomena that explores the visual tension resulted from a mixture of hand-blown glass and machine made metal parts.

Due to its asymmetrical frame, you will get a  different appearance from every angle of the room.



Black or brass frame, Clear glass



A1-a : Size L223 W116 H120cm | 5 bulbs (E27 x 5 - Bulbs not included)

A1-b : Size L163 W53 H53cm | 5 bulbs (E27 x 5 - Bulbs not included)

A1-c: Size L78.5  W78.5 H132cm | 6 bulbs (E27 x 6 Bulbs not included)

A2 : Size L217 W58 H58cm | 8 bulbs (E27 x 8 - Bulbs not included)

A3 : Size L196 W107 H96 cm | 9 bulbs (E27 x 9 - Bulbs not included)

A4 : Size  L1120 H213  | 11 bulbs (E27 x 11 - Bulbs not included)

A5 : Size  L137 H107  | 13 bulbs (E27 x 13 - Bulbs not included)


Availability :  In stock for 5 bulbs gold and 8 bulbs gold and black each, other options Pre-order (6 to 8 weeks)



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