TR80037 Vibiar Wireflow Style Collection


The Wireflow Style collection is sculptural and elegant. It is defined by its bold geometrical forms and illusory compositions. With its black electrical wire, steel rods and LED modules, It gives an illusion of continuous lines and light. 


Ideal for creating large, visually dynamic clusters and artistic installations, Wireflow is perfect for modern home, retail and hospitality spaces. 




A - 1 bulb     | D5 x H12   | Whole H200 cm

B - 2 bulbs   | D50 x H40 | Whole H200 cm

C - 4 bulbs   | D64 x H50 | Whole H200 cm

D - 6 bulbs   | D50 x H60 | Whole H200 cm

E - 8 bulbs   | D89 x H40   | Whole H200 cm

F - 20 bulbs | D120 x H161 | Whole H280cm


Availability: 2 bulbs and 4 bulbs in stock. Pre-order 6-8 weeks for other options

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