TR80049 Mouille Style Lamp series



This Mouille series of pendant lamps are inspired by a mid-century modern popular European design. The unique insect-like structure is actually crafted with the human body in mind, made to resemble the parts and joinery of a skeleton. The hallmarks of this designer's work can be found in the way the arms are matched to the diffusers, the specific hardware, the form of the reflectors and the refined lines of the steel tubing.


  • Dimensions:
    • 3 Arms Ceiling Lamp : W160cm x H45cm
    • 3 Arms Ceiling Lamp : W224cm x H60cm
    • One Arm Wall Scone - Curve : D93 x H36cm
    • One Arm Wall Scone - Straight : D70xH12cm
    • Two Arm Wall Scone : D97/134xH75cm
    • Two Arms One Curve Wall Scone : D182xH70cm
  • Materials: Carbon metal
  • Colour : Black


Availability : 3 arm ceiling lamp in stock. Pre-Order (8-10 weeks) for all other options.

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