TR80064 LING Linear Suspension Style Lamp


Our Ling Linear suspension lamp is a harmonious mingle of minimalism and nostalgia design which is inspired by patterned metal-fence used to be built around balconies and windows in early Taiwan.


The copper/brass finishes radiate against the glass and metal components in which it connects. These cylinders are rotatable 350 degrees vertically allowing for user control of the direction of the light.


Choose Copper|Black for a more dramatic feel, or Gold|White for a modern and subtle look. 


  • Available in three sizes (single spot A or B, 3 spot and 6 spot).
  • Single Spot A D80 x W180 x 185mm, Single Spot B D80 x W155 x H240mm
  • 3 Spot D80 x W740 x H170mm
  • 6 Spot D80 x W1340 x H110mm
  • Wall lamp D160 W80 H121mm
  • Colour White + Gold, Black + copper

    Availability: Limited single spots in stock, Pre-order 6-8 weeks for other options

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