TR80084 Il-Fanale Etoile Style Collection


This collection combines high quality materials and craftsmanship to create a sophisticated and timeless iconic design. This elegant fixture offers perfect illumination for every luxury home.



  • Dimensions and Light Source:


  • Pendant 1 bulb : D6 H28 cm (1xG9 x 25w)
  • Pendant 9 bulbs : L42 W42 H28cm (9xG9 x 25w)
  • Pendant 10 bulbs : L78 W24 H28cm (10xG9 x 25w)
  • Floor : D31.6 H157cm
  • Table. : D15 H28.6cm (1xG9 x 25w)
  • Wall 1 bulb. : D


Availability: Pre-order (6-8 weeks)

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