TR80086 Coltrane Style Lamps


Taking these powerful connections inspired by John Coltrane, we have created a monumental design that will outstand time. You will feel the deep connection with innovation and the expressive music in jazz. 

It offers the possibility of inclining the angle of the pendant lamps by adjusting the height of the magnet cable at anytime. 


Pendant Lamp
  • Small: D8 H80cm
  • Medium: D8 H100cm
  • Large: D10 H114cm

Wall Lamp

  • Single (Small): L10 W8 H100cm
  • Single (Large): L12 W10 H114cm
  • Double (Small): L10 W16 H115cm
  • Double (Large): L20 W26 H115cm

Floor Lamp

  • D34 H175cm 
Bulbs: G10 LED bulbs (not included) 
Material: Aluminium 
Colour: Black with Gold interior

Availability : Pre-Order ( 6-8 weeks )

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