TR80091 Parachilna Anwar Style Lamps


The collection has rod structure and canopy in steel. There are two LEDs module are placed at the bottom edge of the structure for pendant lamps. One facing up and the other facing down, provide ambience and direct light. While the floor lamp's LED module are placed at the base of the structure providing ambience light. 


Pendant Lamp
  • T30: D90 H30cm
  • T45: D60 H45cm
  • T90: D60 H90cm
  • T90+45: D60 H173cm

Floor Lamp

  • P50: D90 H30cm
  • P90: D60 H45cm
  • P50+30: D60 H90cm
Bulbs:  LED Globe
Material: Metal
Available Colour: Black, yellow or red

Availability : Pre-Order ( 6-8 weeks )

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