TR80160 FLOS Arrangements Style Pendant Lamp


The Flos Arrangements style is a modular system of geometric light elements that can be combined in different ways, creating multiple compositions into individual chandeliers. Each unit simply attaches onto the previous one as if resting, balancing perfectly as a part of a glowing chain.


  • A - Round Large: D100 W2.5cm
  • B - Round Medium: D70 W2.5cm
  • C - Round Small: D40 W2.5cm
  • D - Line: W120 D2.5 H6cm
  • E - Drop Down:  W50 D2.5 H70cm
  • F - Drop Up:  W50 D2.5 H70cm
  • G - Square:  W57 D2.5 H58cm
  • H - Broken Line: W99.5 D2.5 H48.6cm
  • C+D : W40 D120 H40cm
  • G+D : W57 D120 H58cm
  • G+H : W99.5 D57 H102cm
  • 4E : W50 D2.5 H362.5cm
  • 3E :W50 D2.5 230cm
  • A+C+D: W100 D120 H136cm
  • B+C+D: W70 D120 H110cm
  • A+B+C: W70 D100 H210cm
  • 2G : W65 D57 H90cm
  • B+B: W70 D70 H136cm
  • G+C+D: W57 D120 H98cm
  • 4C: W40 D40 H165cm
  • 5C: W40 D40 H207.5cm
  • B+H : W99.5 D70 H120cm
  • B+G+C: W70 D57 H170cm
  • B+C+H: W99.5 D70 H160cm 
Material: Aluminium and silicon
Colour: Black

Availability : Pre-Order ( 6-8 weeks )

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