TR80164 Resident Style Pendant Lamps


The Resident Style Pendant Lights features low-profile and a minimalist design. Showcasing a bold brass finish, this modern pendant light is made from aluminum and houses an LED light source that is concealed by a recessed poly prismatic diffuser. Whether used above a dining room table, conference table or workspace, this pendant light is an ideal solution for casting diffused, direct light downward.


  • Hex - Small: W54.2 D54.2 H6cm
  • Hex - Large: W80.6 D80.6 H6cm
  • Tri : W82 D71 H6cm
  • Cross : W99.5 D99.5 H6cm
Material: Aluminium and acrylic
Colour: Gold, White or Black

Availability : Pre-Order ( 6-8 weeks )

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