TR80166 Moooi Prop Style Suspension Lamp


The comfortably warm illumination provided by those vintage luminaires, which also embracing the technology and aesthetics of modern design. This is achieved by the fixture's specially-developed optics that work to diffuse the LED light source. With their buoyant and airy appearance on one bulb. The Prop style Lights are the perfect fit for any modern setting.


  • Pendant Lamp
    • Horizontal - Single: L99 W18 H13cm
    • Horizontal - Double: L99 W18 H17cm
    • Vertical - Double: L18 W18 H99cm
    • Round - Single: D73.5 H18.5cm
    • Round - Double: D73 H25cm
    • Round Vertical - Double : D73.5 H25cm 
  • Wall Lamp
    • Vertical : L25 W18 H98cm
    • Round : L24 W73 H73cm
  • Floor Lamp
    • Vertical : D25 H107cm
    • Round : L73 W32 H82cm
Material: Aluminium and glass
Colour: Clear white

Availability : Pre-Order ( 6-8 weeks )

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