TR80193 Seagull LED Lamps


This unique contemporary funky light fitting is lighting inspired by no other than common Seagull. If you’re looking for an unexpected angle from your lighting, look no further than the hanging Seagull pendant light. Ideally suited to modern settings, the Seagull light available in either V shape or upside-down V strung pointing either upwards or down; combine multiple pendants in a combination of orientations for a jaw-dropping effect. These style of modern light fittings is suitable for both trendy commercial and residential applications.


  • Pendant Lamp:
    • A - D9.4 W31.3 H13cm
    • B - D9.4 W31.3 H13cm
  • Wall Lamp: D12.4 W31.3 H16.7cm
        Materials:  Plastic and acrylic
        Bulbs: Buildt in LED
        Colour: white

        Availability : Pre-Order ( 6-8 weeks )

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