TR80278 Pris style LED Lamps


The LED paneled lights of the Pris style are each a single linear arm. These arms can be attached to create long or wide shapes that can grow to have an industrial or creative look. Each arm can be attached at varying angles to create geometric designs, while the panels' diffusers spread the light evenly throughout.

This lighting system piggybacks on the popularity of modularity in home decor and furniture design. Great for houses or the office, this modular light allows for personal creativity to shine through, capitalizing on customization and consumer interaction with the product.


  • Pendant Lamp
    • 6 Light - L115 W63 H38cm
    • 8 Light - L115 W115 H38cm
  • Wall Lamp
    • 2 lights - W32 D12 H84cm
    • 6 lights - W63 D25 H115cm 
Material:  Aluminium and acrylic
Colour: Gold

Light source : LED


Availability : Pre-Order ( 6-8 weeks )

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